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​Retailer Pledges to our Kickstarter Campaigns

Most of our Kickstarter Campaigns will have one or more Retailer Pledge levels. Retail pledges will receive the Kickstarter version of the game, which includes all unlocked stretch goals. When the product goes into general distribution, it will include the base product only.

  • Qualified retailers located in the United States and Canada* are eligible to participate for. We plan to offer retail pledges for other countries in the future.

  • Our Standard Retailer Discount is %50 of of the standard Kickstarter pledge price. This could differ for specific Kickstarter Campaigns.

  • Lead Times can vary based on size of order.

  • Minimum order size will be set per product and is subject to change once the Kickstarter Campaign has completed*. Depending on the product there may be a maximum order size during the Kickstarter. Minimum Order Sizes will always be included in initial Retailer Pledge.

  • Game pre-sales may be permitted for some campaigns, with a minimum order size. Retailers who wish to offer pre-sales must commit to selling the game at no less than the base pledge price until the Kickstarter campaign's fulfillment is complete.

  • Retailer Pledges will be shipped along with other backer rewards. This will be subject to production and transportation delays.

To Qualify as a Retailer

  • Retailer must have a current business license. 

  • Retailer must have an active website.

  • Online Retailers must have an active online store and a valid US or Canada shipping address

  • Back the campaign at one of the Retailer Pledge levels and we will contact you to finish registration, or you may contact us at to register as a retailer.


  • Select the Retailer Pledge to qualify for the 50% discount and meet the minimum order size

  • To qualify for Pre-Sales select the Retailer Pre-Sale Pledge level.

  • To increase your order size above the minimum either increase your pledge amount during the campaign or you may select the appropriate option in your post campaign survey. For orders over 100 units contact us for more information.

* Not in the USA or Canada?  For details of international retail pledges or any other questions about Creatorpult Games Retail relationships or how the retailer pledge will work, please get in touch with us via email or our Facebook Page

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