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Cathedral Dice Towers

Our first Kickstarter Campaign went off without a hitch (or, well without too many hitches :) ). We doubled our goal and were able to check off a win for our very first run. 

If you pledged to our Kickstarter thank you very much, if you missed it you can still back us and pre-order our Dice Towers right here.

2021-06-17 09.37.25.jpg
2021-06-08 11.42.40.jpg
2021-05-16 18.09.38.jpg

Build Your Kits

Resin Printed Add-Ons

Our kits come pre-cut with everything needed to build your own Cathedral Dice Tower. All that's needed is your time and the desire to own a kick-ass Dice Tower and/or Dice Box you built yourself.

Thanks to all of you backers, we have been able to transition the manufacture of all of our printed add-ons to our 3 brand new UV Resin printers. The details on these things really pop. 

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