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3D Printing

Fusible Material Deposit

FDM printing is the method most people think of when thinking of 3D Printers. Plastic filament from a spool is heated and "drawn" onto a build surface layer by layer. FDM printing can manage medium to high levels of detail and is best suited for medium to large scale parts but can be tweaked to work for smaller more detailed parts as well.  

OurFDM Printers

  • Creatorpult has 15 FDM printers with build volumes from 7"x7"x7"(180mm cubed) up to over 12"x12"x16"(300mmx300mmx400mm).

  • We have a wide variety of materials available like PLA/PLA+, PETG, PC, ABS, Flexible, Nylon and more... We can help you select the perfect material for your project.


Perfect for highly detailed prototypes. Recent advances in UV resins and mixing allows us to fine tune prints to focus on some or all material properties such as strength, durability, flexibility, detail. 

Resin Printers

  • Small and Large format printers available.

  • Select from many different resins based on your project and part requirements

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